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Duncan Tree Foundation is an international outreach program founded to help:

  • Securing high quality medical equipment donations from global manufacturers
  • Providing gold standard spine surgeries in developing Countries to help under-resourced health care systems
  • Recruiting medical professionals from around the globe to increase medical training and capacity building in developing Countries

The Duncan Tree Complex Spine Care Fund

Up to 300 socio-economically disadvantaged children in Jamaica have been diagnosed with moderate to severe scoliosis and are on a waiting list for government-sponsored corrective surgery.

Without desperately needed philanthropic intervention, they face the prospect of permanent disfigurement and life threatening complications. The Duncan Tree Scoliosis Care Fund was launched in 2011 to sponsor world-class volunteer medical teams to perform corrective spine surgeries and to provide continuing medical education for the doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and technicians in Jamaica to help the better manage difficult spine cases with more confidence and better patient outcomes.

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The Duncan Tree Foundation 2014

Duncan Tree Foundation Complex Spine Program

Thanks to our sponsors, supporters and volunteers, Duncan Tree Foundation has been able to provide close to 7 million dollars USD in goods and services to the people of Jamaica and the Philippines.

  • From March 2012-May 2014, approximately 40 patients received free corrective spine surgeries in Jamaica and 4 patients received surgeries in Davao City, Philippines.
  • The average cost of each surgery including surgical staff is $150,000 USD

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